The Importance of Gutters For Your Home

15June 2020

A person doesn’t always realize the importance of gutters on their home. These parts of a house are typically, ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind.’ What many don’t realize is the vital role the gutters play in the safety of their home. Lake Travis Roofing understands the role of the gutters on your house and are ready to install or repair yours to ensure the safety of your home.

Why Are Gutters So Important?

Diverting water away from your home is the one job your gutters perform. When you experience heavy rains, it can wreak havoc on your house, especially your foundation, doors, windows, and siding. Without gutters on your roof to divert the rainwater, it will pool around your foundation and seep into areas where it can cause extensive water damage. It is vital to your home’s safety to keep your gutters in working order. Lake Travis Roofing has the experience in the roofing industry to ensure your gutters are working correctly to protect your home.

The gutters on your house protect your foundation from erosion, as well as your landscaping and your basement from flooding. When the gutters divert the rainwater away from your home, it will prevent your exterior walls from staining, alleviate damage to your painted siding, and stop mildew growth and mold. Lake Travis Roofing understands the damages rainwaters can do to a house without gutters. Our expert technicians have years of experience to ensure your gutters are working or helping you to install new gutters on your home.

How Gutter Maintenance can Prevent Damage to Your Home

It may not be enough to just have gutters on your house. For gutters to protect your home, they have to be free of gaps and holes and need to be at the right pitch for the downspouts to work correctly. Gutters should not be pulling away from your house, and should not be sagging. If they are pulling or sagging, it could indicate they are clogged or have faulty internal hangers. Lake Travis Roofing will inspect your gutter system and ensure they are not damaged or fix any issues they require to work correctly.

One of the biggest reasons gutters fail on a house is because they have become clogged. A number of different materials can land in them to obstruct the rainwater from draining and cause it to back up inside the gutters and then in your shingles. Some of the debris that commonly clogs gutters are shingle grit, pine needles or cones, leaves, and other debris. Lake Travis Roofing can inspect your gutters and remove this debris, so water does not overflow into your soffits and fascia, which can then back onto your roof or pool around the base of your home.

Lake Travis Roofing performs top-quality roofing work and is ready to repair your current gutter system or install a new one to protect your home from rainwaters. Lake Travis Roofing stands behind all their work and continually keeps up-to-date with the latest roofing materials. Call Lake Travis Roofing and schedule a roof inspection or gutter inspection and keep your home safe.