Exterior Services at Lake Travis Roofing, LLC

5August 2020

Your roof is an essential part of your house. The roof is what keeps you, your family, your property, and all that goes into constructing a home safe from the outside elements. It is important to maintain the health of your roof to ensure this protection and keep the rest of your exterior looking its best. Professional roofing contractors are the ideal solution for your exterior home services.

These professionals are tradespersons that have been trained in roof construction and understand how damage can occur that will compromise your home. They can also perform an inspection of your roof to determine if repairs are needed or if you need a roof replacement. Exterior home services performed by the professionals at Lake Travis Roofing, LLC, include roof inspections and a variety of other services.

Why You Need Exterior Home Services

The exterior of your home is what gives others their first impression of you. Besides looking at its best, maintaining your home’s exterior will also provide structural integrity and reduce or eliminate the risk of costly repairs. Choosing the right company to perform your exterior home services should be done with care. You want a company like Lake Travis Roofing, LLC, who will have your best interest in mind. You want a company with a solid reputation who performs quality work, so you don’t have to pay for future repairs or redo the services yourself.

What Exterior Home Services Provide

You may not realize the importance of exterior maintenance of your home. There are numerous tasks you should have completed at least on an annual basis to ensure the health of your home, and it’s structure. These are some of the exterior home services you can have to improve your home’s appearance and keep it well-maintained:

Cracked and broken window replacementIf you are noticing your windows becoming cold, leaky, or foggy, they are not doing the job they are intended to perform. These malfunctioning windows are not keeping warm/cold inside, or are allowing for hot/cold air to enter. Any of these scenarios are increasing your utility costs. When you notice these malfunctions, you want to hire a professional who can determine if the windows are repairable or if you need an entirely new window. 

Powering washing- Power washing your house will remove grime and dirt without stripping it of its paint. A power wash of your home will take away potentially harmful materials, such as pollutants, mildew, dirt, algae, bird droppings, and pollen. Some of these materials can cause adverse health consequences, such as disease, allergies, and trouble breathing. The machines used for powering washing can be challenging to handle, so it is recommended you hire professional exterior home services to perform the washing. 

Window screen replacement or repair- The screens on your home’s windows are designed to keep pests and bugs out of your house as they allow fresh air to circulate through. The screens on your windows can become damaged easily, or they can shrink while the vinyl around the window warps. Lake Travis Roofing, LLC offers exterior home services that can inspect your screens and ensure they function properly. They will advise whether they are repairable or if you need new screens to keep your house safe. 

Fence and deck restoration- Over time, the weather and sunshine will take a toll on your deck and fences. The sun’s heat will dry out the materials as it makes the wood shrink, and the wood loses its natural oils. Rain, melting snow, and morning dew will also impact your deck and fences’ health. Professional exterior home services can reapply protective coatings and replace any damaged areas on both your border fences or deck. 

Lake Travis Roofing, LLC, has expert technicians ready to inspect your home and perform all your exterior home services needed to keep your house looking its best. These exterior home services will also protect your house, increase its value and curb appeal, and add years to your home’s life.