How to Know When Your Commercial Roof Needs Maintenance

10November 2020

For your business to maintain its success, your commercial roofing has to be maintained and safe. It is vital to your success as a business owner to ensure that your commercial roofing and entire building stay in perfect condition. Roofs are often overlooked as part of routine maintenance schedules. For this reason, there are signs you should watch for that indicate your commercial roofing needs repairs.

Areas on the Roof Begin to Sag

The roof on your building should not be uneven as it was built to bear its weight. If there are areas on your commercial roofing that are beginning to sag, you should call a professional roofing service. Lake Travis Roofing can investigate the cause behind the sagging and determine what action is needed to fix the roof.

Sagging roofs can be the result of various factors, but one significant reason is accumulated moisture. This excess moisture adds weight to the roof, as does adding new roofing material on top of old ones.

Interior of Building Shows Signs of Moisture

A sure sign your commercial roofing is failing is when you see signs of moisture in your building’s interior. This moisture can be the result of water soaking into the roof and flowing down inside your walls. Signs of moisture can appear as water stains on your ceilings or water drippings marks on your walls. If moisture has become an issue from failing commercial roofing, you may notice a damp smell inside your building. These are signs it is time to call a professional commercial roofing company, like Lake Travis Roofing, to locate the water problem and repair the damages.

Seams are Developing Gaps

Most commercial roofing requires seams to connect waterproof materials used in the overlying of the roof’s decking. If water finds its way through these seams, it will soak into your roof. Once inside the roof, it can then flow into the interior of your building. If you notice gaps in those seams, you are at risk for serious water damage to both your commercial roofing and your building’s interior. A professional commercial roofing company, Lake Travis Roofing, can inspect your roof and ensure all seams are secure.

Bubbles Appear on the Roof

Blisters or bubbles on your commercial roofing are not a good sign. These imperfections are an indication of improper application of roofing materials. Bubbles typically appear when moisture gets trapped under the commercial roofing and then evaporates, resulting in blisters or bubbles. These bubbles can now allow water to seep through the roof and cause severe damage to your entire building. Contact a professional, such as Lake Travis Roofing, at the first sign of a bubble or blister to avoid serious damage to your facility.

Outside Drains are Clogged

If you see the water volume coming from your outside drains is not what you usually see, you might have water collecting on your commercial roofing. Ponds of water left on a roof will lead to deterioration of the insulation layer and allow for the water to seep into the interior of your building. Call a professional roofing company, Lake Travis Roofing, to have a commercial roofing inspection to determine the cause of clogged drains.

Lake Travis Roofing is a professional roofing contractor with years of experience in the industry. Our expert technicians are highly qualified to inspect, repair, or replace your commercial roofing. We are up-to-date on all roof types and use the latest materials so you can have peace of mind the roof over your business will perform its best.